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About Us

Wenzhou Kwong Wah financial services company holds "to help others, happy" services philosophy, adhere to the "integrity, innovation, dedication, cooperation" principle, Houde good karma, high-minded, preventing risks, ensure the safety of each of our clients ' money chain, standard, collaborative operation.

Guang hua, Wenzhou, pre-loan audits-strictly-financial services company with industry-leading level of the audit team, the customer information and credit reporting is multi-channel, multi-layer surveys and audits of the angles and dimensions, minimal risk of fraud.

credit monitoring-Wenzhou in Kwong Wah financial services company equipped with professional customer service team, Customer Service Manager keep in touch with customers in the credit, provide good service, real-time monitoring of repayments, to avoid credit risks.

post-lending management--to track overdue Guang hua, Wenzhou, customer financial services companies will be reminded through various means of repayment, and professional collection teams and third-party collections work carried out, if necessary, take legal measures.

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in network borrowing lack mechanism regulatory of background Xia, Wenzhou Kwong Wah financial service companies for self-restraint. Zheng Haiyang Director believes that Credit Union is network service a major promotion, currently there is no clear case of regulatory mechanisms, self-regulation is the most critical. Union for the industry legislation and trust mechanisms provides a communication channel, also to industry norms play a role.