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Repeated insurance can be "superimposed" paid

now a lot of people are more or less copies of insurance policies. When the insured, an insurance agent may not be clear to you which are useful to you in your policy and which are useless, you know, or who sell it? This will cause a new insurance policy, insured prior to the coverage covers you product, insure that is repeated phenomenon. If you previously purchased a casualty and, more recently, against a term life insurance, and this also after the accident that occurred in the life insurance payment of compensation responsibility.

because of accidental disability, does the applicant from these policies, or that the two insurance companies receive compensation? Whether the "overlay" compensation depends on the specific type.

1. human life is priceless, so ... With compensation for bodily injury or death for conditions of insurance can be superimposed to pay premiums. Personal accident insurance (death and disability), regular life, sick and other products, in case of insurance accident, policyholders have much policy, the insurance company will pay you the sum insured. But it also gives those who intend to "cheating", people who have impure motives to exploit. On May 7, 2002, Northern Airlines passenger plane crashed in Dalian waters, killing all 112 people on board.

after investigations found that passengers Zhang Pilin, one of arson caused plane got out of control and finally into the sea. He purchased before boarding 7 copies of accident insurance, the compensation reached more than 1 million Yuan. His act of extreme, exposed his attempt, though seemingly accidental deaths, because more than 1 million in compensation, but he is an instigator of the incident, there is no payment of compensation.

2. reimbursement of medical care, to superimpose to pay this type of insurance in the form of additional risks contained in the accident insurance and health insurance, for the treatment of expenses claims of danger. But compensation is not you spend 10,000 Yuan will give you a 10,000 yuan, such as one of a class of medical insurance, is the first social security claims and deductibles, the rest still needs to pay part of the compensation. If there is more than one type of medical insurance, to superimpose to pay, reimbursement of expenses can only be prorated and, ultimately, the amount of compensation cannot exceed the actual cost of treatment. In other words, the applicant cannot receive additional compensation from such insurance.

3. personal priceless wealth, property value loss, if there were a lot of property insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, coverage shall not exceed the insured value of the subject itself, claims, within the coverage, and specified in the insurance claim and responsibility-sharing order. To cover a 2 million homes are now worth 3 million. Insurance companies a and b in the insurance company by the original value of the House, respectively, or 2 million yuan each 1 million insured, which led to the fire because houses destroyed in the insurance, claims up to get 2 million yuan in compensation. Another case is also covered for a house worth 2 million Yuan, is now worth $ 3 million. In a company to insure 2 million Yuan, covering 2 million yuan in b company, the equivalent of two insurance companies as House of 2 million to 4 million of the sum insured, sum insured exceeds the original value. If occurred accident loss has 1.5 million, due to insurance amount over has housing of value, so compensation Shi two home insurance company to by contract agreed of proportion compensation: lift a example if a, and b company according to the burden 50% of compensation proportion, so: a, company: actual loss * (insurance amount/two copies policy of total insurance amount) = 1.5 million * (2 million/4 million) = 750,000 b company: actual loss * (insurance amount/two copies policy of total insurance amount) = 1.5 million * (2 million/4 million) = 750,000 finally received 1.5 million yuan in compensation.

4. children's insurance claims can be superimposed, but has a ceiling as from January 1, 2016, the introduction of the new children's death payments limited (pictured below), death benefit payments from less than 100,000, up to 200,000.