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People pick up with the password card 100,000 did not take to being cheated 4500

Shandong qihe von accidentally picked up a envelope containing bank cards and a bank card password letter, to a nearby ATM machine check card as much as 100,000 yuan. But, didn't take out 100,000 yuan being cheated out of 4500 Yuan. At present, the qihe investigation has been involved in investigating the case.

recently, the qihe von found an envelope on the way, there is a bank card and a letter, written on stationery thank bank card password and telephone number if you experience withdrawal problem is content. Feng secretly delighted that this letter was intended to give leadership gift of others accidentally lost. Von with password to a nearby ATM machine query, discover card balance of 100,000 yuan. However, the intake is showing "not accepted", Mr FUNG dial contact phone number on the stationery, the other claiming to be a bank staff member, said the card had a 4500 worth of late fees not paid, on as long as the card is functioning as intended.

for the money he is now reaching 100,000 yuan, Feng a 4500 Yuan of money deposited in the bank card. But still unable to withdraw after saving, feng had come to the realization that cheated. The police investigation found that criminals are copying counterfeit cards, the card transaction limits are set, "available balance" misleading "good funds", but the actual cash amount as 0, injured people generally do not have professional knowledge, are often confused by the amount of surface. Police suggested that experience this sort of thing, be sure to seek the help of or a public security organ of the banking sector, do not call the phone number left behind by criminals, so as not to be deceived.