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Bohai securities information management products leverage high investor losses caused by 60%

playing new financial products lever high "hit" customer recently, has investors to media burst material said, Bohai securities a paragraph playing new collection financial products led to himself 10 million investment losses near 60%, but Bohai securities assets management headquarters project manager is said, products design and no problem, 24 times times lever products SFC also no clear ban, and this investors by purchase of collection financial products is not earlier within losses up of.

collection products mentioned above, is the classification of the Bohai Sea of Bohai securities issued in June this year meeting 13th collective asset management plan (hereinafter referred to as "graded huili, 13th in the Bohai Sea"), which closed for a period of 3 months, after the establishment of the main buy Fonda peace of mind this new Fund, issued new shares was suspended after the establishment, the product was terminated on September 22.

China economic net reporter read the Bohai securities official Club announcement, project, this collection is divided into a, b, c, disclosed in the announcement, priority is a number shares to secondary b shares and secondary share totals 5 times, sub b share of not more than 3 times the number of sub-c share. According to the announcement, the scheduling priority of a share of the collection year contract rate of 6.8%, secondary expected annualized yield of b share deducted for 9.5%,C-level share and enjoy in class a and class b income remaining after income.

but when class a shares and class b shares the actual annual rate of return is lower than when the contract is expected, class a shares and class b shares of income compensation and all losses to net assets of class c shares and dividend funds are limited by class c share. Grading huili, 13th in the Bohai Sea's settlement announcement, calculated in each collection scheme worth 1, class a shares eventually sold 400 million copies sold 60 million class b shares, class c shares sold 20 million copies. Upon liquidation of 1.0207 NET unit class a share, b-share 1.0292, purchased four investor losses of share class c to 0.4151 Yuan.

that is, the fact investors bought 10 million class c shares of the collection plan, that leverage for 1:3:5, but the final settlement can be seen, actually correspond to 10 million class c shares in b grade 30 million shares, and 200 million class a shares, corresponding to leverage of up to 24 times. In fact, the class c shares are higher risk, enjoy the high revenue plans to share the collection, but when investors purchases, and the risk of not fully informed. Bohai securities asset management's headquarters in response to media questions, a project manager, saying "launching 24 times dissecting leveraged products, but also for customer needs.

If there is no customer demand, the company's products are unlikely to launch. "Shanghai GCI Wang Zhibin law told the media that, the contract plus a lever does not common sense, without prior express informed its unfair for customers, customers expressed understanding of the product in the contract there are significant misconceptions. These two points is both unfair and serious misunderstanding, can all lead to a contract can be revoked. However, the project manager said, "If investors think the company is at fault, you can apply to the Court for arbitration. As long as it is within the scope of the terms of the contract may reasonably require, the company is to negotiate. The "

Bohai securities risk difficult to control? Customer complaint frequency this isn't the first time Bohai securities suffered huge loss of customer complaints. As early as 2010, media reports, wealthy businessman Wang as gullible Bohai securities dingxi road, Shanghai Stock Exchange General Manager Shi Xinghui, Deputy General Manager Qian Dongsheng, by signing a form of the asset management entrustment agreement, and Shi Xinghui introduces financing of leveraged finance agreement is reached, began to engage in stock investments. Reports noted that Shi Xinghui promised an annual interest rate of capital preservation and 13%. Wang has Republican financiers signed a contract of 4 accounts, invested a total of 34 million, financing parties around to match the more than 60 million, works out to leverage about 1.7 times times.

but with the 2011 stock market plummeted, Wang 4 accounts have been forced open, actual losses of over 100 million Yuan. But because of the fuzziness of the matching funding the transaction itself, Bohai securities denied the guaranteed income promise, called match funding transactions are client independent.

in fact, for the brokerage business, stock distribution funding can bring a huge amount of volume, contribution fees, with Chinese companies will contribute a certain amount of interest and management fees, the customer's risk tolerance did not seem in a brokerage account. Coincidentally, the 2004 Bohai securities have investors to court. Cho with Bohai securities investors has a sales office in Shanghai to sign an "agent bond investment agreements", and main content of the agreement as "Yanan Road Shanghai securities business Department as its agent in the Bohai Sea investment bond of 10 million Yuan, an agreed period a year, yields of 10.5%".

in 2003 the agency contract was about to expire, Zhu Yaomin evil FRY baike pharmaceutical blowing up the incident, Zhao's account because the original Hu Zhinong acted in collusion with Zhu Yaomin, General Manager of Sales Department, using a large number of customers funds (including Zhao's fiduciary funds) was frozen for a medicine tray fails Wikipedia. In August of that year, Zhao Bohai securities to court, final investors, and Bohai securities are getting return of investment of 10 million Yuan and the corresponding interest. This shows that the Bohai securities has more than once caused investor losses and controversy, risk and internal control aspects of their customer, there are obvious imperfections.