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Hurun report generation Regal year double

for the vast majority of women, had hoped to have a boyfriend – young "high-handed President." In 2015, the girls odds suddenly improve a lot. On October 15, the hurun Research Institute releases of the 2015 hurun rich list.

56-bit "$literal" on this year's hurun list entrepreneurs. With 16-bit "$literal" was started from scratch, is twice last year, basically in the IT industry. "King of drone", "dark horse" Xinjiang innovation 35 years old Wang Tao to 22 billion yuan of wealth most rich "$literal" self-made billionaires.

in addition, there is no "after the" self-made billionaires on the list. It is reported, is the hurun Research Institute since 1999 for the 17th time this year published "hurun rich list", the list threshold is 2 billion yuan for three consecutive years. Billionaire wealth calculation of listed company close August 14, consistent with last year.

Meanwhile, wealth gains fastest jiuding gang this year, an increase of 8 times. Ban listed companies, as the new Golden, started with PE, through increased financial business territory expansion and rapid growth of existing business. IT industry is still one of the fastest rising number of fields, a top percentage increase in the number of 43%, founder of newcomers including drops 32 Wei Cheng. Worth noting is that this year there is a new billionaire, a collection of these 3 features all in one, which is known as China's "move" the father of Ridge.

the 34 years old "high-handed President" was not only a standard "$literal" entrepreneur, founder and President of the new Board company hero interactive entertainment, and entertaining each other IT industry. Now its worth up to 4 billion yuan, ranked "$literal" entrepreneurs of the 8th. While young, but ling is a mobile industry veteran, served as a China hand, President, COO, duration and successfully issued more than 30 hand-tour products. Ling also won after business capital's favor, from hero interactive entertainment capital, hero interactive entertainment by Sequoia Capital, actually Fund and launched by the US capital of Hua Sheng capital joint investment fund, global managing partner of Sequoia Capital capital founder Shen, Hua XING Bao Fan Xu Xiaoping, integrity Fund founders respectively into the heroes interactive entertainment Board of Directors and Board of supervisors.

in the domestic game industry, three major VC into investment and business decision makers, it is the first time, it also reflects domestic capital expectations of the company's good performance in the capital markets. Brokers said that heroes interactive entertainment value has amounted to 20 billion yuan. In fact, hero interactive entertainment on June 16 this year has just been established, 2015 the hurun wealth August 14 deadline is less than 2 months. But this is a new company, to speed the way the latest release of the 2015 H1 esports hand market analysis report, 10.5% market share followed by Tencent, rapid rise in the hand area. So well for a "national husband" interest in Wang Sicong, September 16 heroes Interactive Entertainment announced that Wang Sicong entered the company's Supervisory Board, which is behind hero interactive entertainment is owned by Wang Sicong maunfacturing capital investment of 80 million Yuan.

you know, Wang Sicong family, under the leadership of his father Wang, again with 220 billion yuan of wealth has become China's richest man. Meanwhile, sources say, e is also involved in the heroes interactive entertainment in this round of funding, the amount of investment of 100 million Yuan. "Some people have money" Heroes interactive entertainment industry the rapid acquisitions, September 18 completed the swim in the cloud of a full takeover bid at a cost of 967.7 million Yuan. Ling himself said his entrepreneurial ambitions is to make a hand of at least $ 10 billion valuation company, but this time the hurun rich list, left no doubt that it has a head start in the goal for yourself.