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Beijing Bohua xinzhi spirit website disappeared and the investors allegedly cheated

many Beijing Bohua xinzhi prime asset management Ltd's website to buy financial products. The night of October 19, the site suddenly unable to open, the company lost. It is understood that users all over the country to invest in the site, of which 65 investors lost more than 5 million.

Beijing enterprise credit information publicity system of enterprise credit information network shows, the company has been incorporated into "operation exception list". In Guangxi, Hubei and other local police stations where the investor has to initiate an investigation. Investor Mr LEE, his Beijing Bohua xinzhi prime asset management Ltd's website to buy financial products, upfront 1000 Yuan, even with interest collection, revenue, added some funds. But on October 8, he has invested 220,000 yuan to buy financial products. Website, repayment of the product through, on a daily basis pay income, debt service due. Investment cycles for 30 days.

3.2% daily chemical yield 20,000 yuan investment. Mr LEE said he purchased product returns at 7040 Yuan per day, everyday, he extracted four or five o'clock in the afternoon of the day of the earnings, "usually after launching an application, a few minutes money to account". Lee said that after he received a total of 50,000 yuan income. On October 19, when he log in again, only to be told "site closed". "I don't care too much about that night, but the next day, the website is not open, customer service and phone were unanswered. "

Lee felt cheated. Yesterday afternoon, a reporter in Mr LEE's advocacy group found that he cheated investors of at least 65 people, cost more than 5 million Yuan, and investors across the country. Currently, kept investors joined the activist group. It is understood that the investor is at the same time at UBM sinoexpo prime asset management limited, Beijing hengtai investment management company limited and Beijing Wen xiang Yu Xiao Investment Corporation's website to buy financial products, and 3 site almost disappeared at the same time. ≫> investigation, the company was included in the "operation exception list" journalist login Beijing enterprise credit information publicity system display, UBM sinoexpo prime asset management limited was founded in December 2012, belong to the natural person owned limited liability company.

the registered capital of 50 million Yuan, but the business sector's paid-up capital of only 100,000 yuan. System also showed that the company register for RI Tan bei Lu, Chaoyang District, 19th floor, Room 4. Reporter visits found that indeed the above address is the clothing store. Owner, claimed that "has been running a clothing business for 8 years and have never heard of this ' Bohua ' company". Meanwhile, reporters also noted, "through the registered place of residence or business cannot be contacted", on August 19, 2015, the company was included in "operation exception list". In addition, UBM sinoexpo prime asset management Ltd reflect problems with the user links to two other financial Web sites.

Beijing enterprise credit information publicity system show, Bo Hua Zhuo Lingyun, Executive Director of the company is Beijing hengtai natural person shareholder of the investment management limited, company supervisors and Bo Yu Binda, is "Yu Xiao Wen xiang in Beijing investment management limited" legal representative. ≫> lawyer claims involved thing company suspected fund-raising fraud for this thing, male records lawyer firm Jiang Jian lawyer said, involved thing company fictional investment high returns of financial products, to not specific crowd raised funds, made corresponding money Hou "lost joint", essentially is carry fund-raising paragraph escape, meet to illegal occupies for purpose, using fraud method illegal fund-raising of case, suspected constitute fund-raising fraud crime. Aggrieved investors should be reported to the public security department in a timely manner.