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Fraudulent insurance can pay for the damaged account

click on text links, against the nearby WiFi and so are the most common way criminals steal account of daily life of the shortcut. In fact, the only move for hidden fraudulent risks, consumer credit card accounts at financial security as a major concern. And special risks insurance account security through a variety of ways to protect consumers, pay and financial damage.

"11" period, Zhang received a strange phone call asking whether 10,000 Yuan were purchased through the bank card card games requires verifying deductions. Were shocked by Mr Zhang is that someone can accurately quote your name, credit card number, social security number and other private information. Mr bank transactions, there are two transactions involving nearly million through a third party payment platforms being brushed away. And there are many people who have the same experience.

in order to retrieve your account stolen funds, victims rights everywhere, and banks, payment platform into a lawsuit. Although many people recover their money, but not stolen funds, claims long made many consumers as an excuse. In this case, taking account the loss risk of fraudulent used. Beijing business today reporter learned that, during the past year, over account security, including protection of ping an property insurance, property insurance, property insurance, Sun Chung on insurance, insurance companies have launched personal account, Yong an insurance coverage for financial losses, scope of protection covers the traditional banks, securities institutions, emerging channels, Mobile App, as well as third-party payments.

for individual customer all bank cards, online bank account, third party, due to fraudulent, financial losses caused by theft, copying, ping an insurance, Sunshine insurance are included in the insurance category. In addition to the user's personal account for himself outside the insured, third party platforms have also started to account security locks, such as millet to pay loss of accounts had been compromised, Chung on insurance will pay in full, single compensation limit of 50,000 yuan, annual aggregate limit according to the account holder's qualification of up to 500,000 yuan. It is understood that the sum at 50,000 yuan and 100,000 Yuan or even 1 million fraudulent insurance payments, premiums tend to range from a few cents to dozens of Yuan, consumers can be purchased through the app, Taobao outlets and platform based on each person's account to pay different levels of risk for determining premiums.

Meanwhile, consumers can choose the coverage and coverage under different insurance needs, such as Sunshine insurance lines in between 10,000 to 500,000 Yuan or 5-speed is set, users select the month, quarter, half year, year payment available, at least to pay 1 Yuan, received 10,000 yuan amount. The insurance company said, after insurance policyholders to buy personal account, once the account losses should be reported, as reported to the local police and to the insurance company's customer service line and call the customer service phone reported, so that claim can provide a full range of claim information.

worth noting is that fraudulent insurance loss does not relate to all the accounts can be paid. Experts remind consumers of insurance, purchase insurance, you need to see a clear exemption and pay conditions, in General, the fraudulent period, interest accounts and overdraft interest, fees, late fees, and bank card fees, replacement card fee, as well as indirect losses or expenses of any kind, the insurance company would reimburse. As compensation disputes may relate to legal costs, as well as the personal accounts of loss, freezing of fees, is not within the scope of fraudulent insurance claims.