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Teaches you to see three second-hand House transactions tax

money honey small tomatoes always think of new House recently renovated, has sold his first House. House stuff down, but also hard to rally, especially where it began to collect property taxes in the future, this cost is even higher. Prior to the listing real estate agent, "she manages the network" money honey small tomato wants to check what are second-hand House transaction taxes, this road many here share, maybe on the day.

1.-first understand ordinary houses in residential and non-residential properties, costs are also different, such as residential are normal and non-normal. I checked the, ordinary residence must satisfy the following three characteristics:

(1) residential building floor area ratio above 1.0. The volume rate is stipulated by the Government, General real estate volume rates above 1.0. Higher volume rate, shows this community building of more intensive. Put a picture, you can enjoy the next, it is estimated that only Villa plot ratio will be below 1.0. My House was estimated at 2.0 per cent.

(2) an area of 140 square meters (inclusive) for ordinary residential houses in more than 140 square meters for non-.

(3) the price does not exceed the maximum limit, or a lump sum does not exceed the maximum limit. Specific unit price and total price I think it should be stipulated by the Government, I checked the online, data like this in Beijing: that is, the House is too big or too expensive are houses in non-2. to pay three costs

(1) taxes not only to distinguish between the normal or non-normal, and distinguish between first or second. A ... buying a House is the first suite: more than 90 square meters, NET check prices 1%; 90-140 square meters, NET check prices 1.5%; non-residence of 140 m or, network check price of 3%.

b. buy room is two Suite: are by network signed price of 3%

(1) business tax a. General residential: full 2 years exemption; discontent 2 years according to network signed price of 5.6% levy b. non-General residential: full 2 years according to difference (network signed price-original purchase price) of 5.6% levy; discontent 2 years is according to network signed price of 5.6% levy

(2) a tax this estimated is head, especially prices has has sharply value-added zhihou. But if it's after 5 years and is the only House to exempt family, well, it is forced to divorce rhythm Ah ~ ~ ~ normal balance of levy in accordance with 20%, or property value of 20%, but it is reasonable to deduct some of the costs, such as loan interest expenses, etc.