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National overall continued rise in prices in Shenzhen up rose 38%

recently, when concerned eyes focused again when home prices, find either a new commodity houses or second-hand houses, prices continue to rise. Beijing, October 24 (real estate channel Sun Jianyong) in recent months, real estate market as a whole warmed up, the volume and prices both rose, but through the statistics found, prices show a falling trend. Among them, the first-tier cities have led the market, led the first-tier cities in Shenzhen in months.

on this analysis, the Shenzhen prices rose significantly, is the scarcity of land resources, and the embarrassment of facing weak housing supply, the inventory cycle is relatively small. House prices continued to rise up to fall yesterday, National Bureau of statistics data released September prices in 70 cities changes, when it was price's attention again, and find either a new commodity houses or second-hand houses, prices continue to rise, but gains fell. Year, new housing and the expansion of second-hand house prices jumped, rising city number continues to increase.

Talmadge real estate channel comb found in recent months since the mortgage down payment lowered, reducing interest rate cuts, and the Provident Fund loan limit adjustment policy impact, national sales rebound in the property market. Second-hand house trading volume rose significantly, according to Albert, I love my home Institute of market statistics, 2015 years ago second-hand housing network signed in Beijing in the third quarter totaled 142886, 104% sharp rise over the same period last year, the property market in 2010 the purchase volume highest since.

in addition, Shanghai and other cities in the "ten gold and nine silver" marketing season and has an impressive, property market some inventory pressure eased. According to the Institute's inventory data showed, a city had 9 consecutive months to inventory levels of less than 12 months, reflecting the first-tier cities to inventory pressure has been an effective release, price increase will be more obvious. However, judging from rate changes for months, prices fall trends. From top-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai to four prices changes in this trend, such as Shenzhen June rose 7.2%, most, followed by 7、8、9yuefen prices rise, and 6.3% and 4%, respectively.

Shanghai Research Institute think-tank, Center Director Yan Yuejin said current growth has narrowed, and 5 June after large increases in house prices, and is a normal adjustment. House prices in Shenzhen for leading the national special concern is that in March of this year 70 cities up or all down but starting from April, Shenzhen began to rise, especially since June, up far more than the other three first-tier cities, in August rose 31.8%, September is at 38.3%.

while the other three cities most are no more than 10%. Why Shenzhen prices rose significantly, to this concern in the industry. Nanfang daily recently quoted first Pacific Davis, head of market research in South China Ling He said housing prices are so high is because of the scarcity of land resources in Shenzhen, Shenzhen's per capita residential area of 28 square meters. In the case of less land area per capita, the planning and is equipped with ecological 97439 hectares of green space, 48.8% per cent of total area of Shenzhen, coupled with the supporting commercial, urban public transportation planning, land development and has no more space.

Yan Yuejin, Shenzhen prices rose significantly, lies in the relationship between supply and demand and market expectations have changed. "Shenzhen is facing a weak supply of embarrassment, the inventory cycle is relatively small, in September a new commercial housing inventory cycle of just 6.6 months. Shenzhen a few months before prices surged, and September, compared with a slight narrowing in the normal adjustments in line with expectations. But the need to be alert to is, compared to similar cities, housing prices in Shenzhen is still high. "Rising house prices prices a positive price zone, price increases with rising land prices are not unrelated. In one or two key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, high frequency, higher land costs, rising house prices.

in Beijing, for example, multiple plots, Fengtai District only recently was won by Developer prices, 50% per cent of the premium rates are not uncommon, the highest floor price of more than 70,000 yuan/square meter. Yesterday closing three plots in four days in Beijing already had 7 consecutive block transaction, and will be followed by more than more than 20 blocks to be sold, including high quality location.

according to yahao institutions statistics data displayed, as October 19, Beijing city only achieved Homestead transfer 25 cases, in currently has transfer of 25 cases Homestead among, actual floor surface price over 30,000 yuan/square meters of up to 12 cases, and in stay transfer of more cases plots in the, five ring within of 3 cases expected floor surface price are will in 50000 Yuan/square meters above, and five to six ring of 7 cases land at least has 3 cases has capacity impact 30,000 yuan/square meters of points.

This shows that many factors lead to higher housing prices in some cities. For the period from the end of the year, house prices will trend of what? Analysis of Yan Yuejin said, as more and more cities joined prices force, subsequent house price growth is expected to continue expanding this point is scheduled for four quarters. As the chain increases the cumulative effects of increased growth is also expected to rise in the fourth quarter.