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Chinese businessmen looking for in Australia "trophy assets"

us media said the red carpet movie premiere for the new publication can be seen just appears in the Hollywood scene. Now, Australia's real estate developers are using the same tactics to sell luxury apartments of the rich in Asia.

according to the United States, the Wall Street Journal, October 20, recently invited 1500 guests in the Crown of its residential project to be built in Sydney to "display", this is a name for "unlimited", gleaming 20-storey building, worth a total of about 575 million Australian dollars ($ 2.637 billion yuan). Fashion brand "Giorgio Armani" for hosting the event, "Swarovski" displayed in the event its brand jewelry, "jieke·Danni" is provided for the activities of a limited-edition whiskey. Reports said that in Singapore and Jakarta again "Festival" one day in September, the Crown group all 326 apartments of this development project is almost sold out, only the remaining two sets.

China's wealthy are drawn to this scene, and helped set off a housing boom, Australia economy from a long recession after the mining boom of the past. Asian emigrants on the skylines of cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, all crane figure. Current regulations only allow foreign investors to buy real estate that is not construction, is a condominium development in General. However, this market is cracked.

16th, Australia's Central Bank warned that in the past six months, residential real estate developers face an increased risk of Melbourne and Brisbane City Center excess housing supply. Prior to the country's Central Bank warned that any sudden collapse of housing prices would undermine the country's banking industry and the economy. Australia only 0.2% in the second quarter compared with the first quarter, is the lowest level in four years. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited wolun·huogen, Chief Economist, said: "people underestimated the support for economic housing construction. "Government data shows that in the year ending in August this year, the approval of new housing construction hit a record high, also were awarded licenses for construction of high-rise apartments, the figure currently accounts for 31% of the total license, 11% increase over the six years ago.

reports earlier this year, a Managing Director of CB Richard Ellis real estate services company andelu·laiangsaili heard a top Chinese businessmen are looking for "trophy assets", he knew he was in Melbourne for a suitable real estate projects: Singapore world class home to the company's gleaming skyscrapers, the Tower will be the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere. His Chinese customers in a $ 25 million price to buy the penthouse of the building--which is Australia apartments highest price ever. The flat horizontal in the entire 100, can enjoy the landscape above the clouds. In a public Chinese in Australia investment concern, Crown Group of developers discussing the importance of Asian buyers for their business will remain cautious.

However, as a sign of growing influence, Australia architects began to use "Feng Shui" design to cater to Asian tastes. For example, pool renovation "Koi pond", and removed in the floor and the elevator plan "4" that some Chinese consider unlucky number. Real estate agency also set up a Concierge service to cater to Chinese investors. Some people work with migration agents and other intermediaries in China, to use its network to attract potential buyers. Sell Australia apartments billboards and video usually appears in the country's main airport, and accompanied by a Chinese subtitle.

New York, CEO of the strategic consulting firm on China modern companies bulaien·buhewaerde said: "in this increasingly competitive market, brand if you want to remain attractive to Chinese customers, need to become more intelligent. "


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