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Finance and Central Bank falling again under the influence of what?

Central Bank three times in a row, "double flat", will have a significant impact on all aspects of financing are, how people defend their pocketbooks?

on October 23, the Central Bank announced that "double down", in which financial institutions cut its benchmark one-year lending rate from 0.25% to 4.35%; cut its benchmark one-year deposit rate from 0.25% to 1.5%, down financial institutions deposit reserve requirement ratio 0.5%.

since November 22, 2014, Central Bank interest rate cuts, has been 6 times 5 times reduced movements, "double flat" is three times in a row, mainly due to the tight market. In this case, significant changes in the financial markets will, various types of financial products will be what kind of impact?

stock market since the beginning of the quarter, the stock market is a decadent condition, has no breath for breath, while stock markets have been warming after the national day holiday, but most of the lack of confidence of investors for future market. Theoretically, interest rates drop means more money in the market, part of which will flow into the stock market, can play a role in the boost on the stock market. But judging from the recent policy, the day after stocks were mixed after the Central Bank announced, China's stock markets are still at a sensitive stage, often do not follow routine, so this double flat may boost the stock index higher in the short term, but the long-term effects are limited.


November 22, 2014 before the bank rate cut, one-year benchmark deposit rate is 3%, after the Central Bank cut interest rates, one-year benchmark deposit rate is only 1.5%, 11 month deposit rates have been halved.

budget consciousness during the mass gradually strengthening, the Internet continues to introduce new financial products case, after more and more customers will be reluctant to put their money in the Bank. Banking in September 2015 to January 2014 in 4.49%, less than two years, bank financial products yields 1.27%, 22% drop.

the falling yields on bank financing products is quite large, gradually easing money, wealth management products to continue to lower yields. But bank financial products more stable returns, not falling rapidly in the short term, is expected before the end of may fell slightly to 4.3%.

Internet baby balance Po receipts recently "broken 3" caused all the theory about 6.763% now only 3% from a peak in January 2014, earnings have been cut, other baby's income is not optimistic, average yields have fallen below 3%, faced with such low yields, many investors had to "bluff". Falling for baby products have a large effect, revenue continued to decline almost a certainty, a number of "scrap" will continue to grieve. Many investors will look for "class balance treasure" current financial products, these products are many, but the balance of risk is significantly higher than Bao, investments must be careful.

Bill financing two years ago of Bill money gradually into public view, by virtue of short term, high return, low risk, low starting point by the vast number of investors of all ages. Bills yields on financial products at present mostly in the 4%-9% so far this year, fell slightly, cuts down on paper money and credits of the P2P network effects similar to not see obvious changes in the short term, but long term gains will continue to decline.