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Credit card did you sign?

today, credit card spending is not new, most people know the password to protect the credit card, have an article on the credit card signature cannot be ignored on the back of the net post caught the public's attention. Mr Zhao said: "my credit card there for five or six years, signed on the back has been empty, but did not like the Internet post said use, Internet post is exaggerated? "The

reporter has learned, Mr Zhao and many people have the same questions, and many people worry behind credit card signatures will disclose personal information, are more likely to be a liar. Credit card back-check whether it is really necessary? 3/4 of people ignored credit card behind signature known credit card of back signature bar wrote with "holding card people signature, signature Hou this card party can effective", network post in the also said, no back signed of credit card will effect outside consumption, and signature on not Shang Mall can refused to sold commodity,, but in daily in the, this article tips often was people ignored, has survey displayed only 24% of credit card holding card people for has back signed.

Bank of communications credit card service center staff, some credit card holders often worry that credit background check after disclosure of personal information, and some cardholders also believes that some businessmen are not checked by the credit card back signed, these ideas are wrong. Credit card backs is to protect credit card security very important line of Defense, once the credit card is fraudulent by others stealing, if the consumer's signature on the receipt and credit card back signed is inconsistent, it's loss will be borne by the merchant to the card holder.

endorse if swallowed card card and more user-friendly Liu Qing NI WA bridge last weekend when you withdraw money from ATM machines, credit card was swallowed, she went to the Bank to draw cards ID cards did not swallow with me, "If the up card when the card ID and background check is necessary? "This bank credit card service center staff said:" not only by virtue of the signature to take card must carry an ID card, ID card, and does not endorse, with ID card and credit card password or card. "The

reporter has learned, business outlets in the ATM machine swallowed card, during business hours, the ID Registration signature signature, and need to check check consistency and back; in freestanding ATM machines is swallowed when swallowing of cards the cardholder to contact the Bank, the Bank will inform the swallowing of cards to the appropriate outlets to receive bank cards.

if collected, also need to hold a valid identity document and cardholder ID should complete the card. Some transactions "of three yards after" found in the more important in an interview with reporters, many members of the public in addition to neglect the importance of credit card back signed, behind the credit card "of three yards after" little known known. "Three yards after" three-digit code that is behind the credit card number, it is understood that the three digits after the credit card sign bar is no password validation code card transactions, that is, when no card in the card holder identity verification using CAPTCHA. Need to be reminded that, once cardholders revealed that three-digit number, is likely to cause the amount of stolen card.

with bank credit cards, for example, three digits after the credit card verification code. It is a chain of 3 digits, constraints by the card number, expiration date and service code, generated after encoding rules for issuing banks and a encrypting algorithm. Professionals, the use of credit cards, divided into "card transaction" and "off-line" in two ways. Former by the card holder credit card "swipe" and signed authorization to complete the transaction. Offline transactions, sales center is common in hotels, airlines, corporate finance, also through the POS system, providing credit card account and the verification code to complete the transaction.

therefore, cardholders do not free the card to someone else to use, view, prevent information from being in the wrong records, offline transactions. After you receive credit card, the best cover of three yards after cutting a piece of adhesive tape. If eating shopping card, don't bother to give credit cards to shop to check out, prevent the ulterior motives seized the opportunity to obtain credit card information.