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Based comparative advantage remains part of the performance of domestic product revenue exceeds 4%

balance 3% Po broke many question marks over the Monetary Fund investment value, however, in the view of the industry, under current market conditions the IMF remains the most optimal cash management tools option. As of October 16, 7th annual yields are below 3% 298 number of monetary funds, compared to about 63%.

since April of this year, money Fund yields have showed a falling trend, but some of the money fund performance remains strong, Galaxy securities data show that as of October 16, owned Peng Peng Hua Hua ying Bao, Peng Hua value-added Bao's 7th annual earnings were 3.84%, 4.315%, prominent Fund of its kind. Peng Hua ying Bao currencies was founded less than a year, and this year also made a solid return of 3.5659% in all 14 466 comparable funds.

under the influence of the current loose monetary policy, monetary income fund group dropped back down the channel. According to statistics from Wind info data, as of October 12, bank financial products by 1-3 months the term of contract years earnings has fallen to below 3%. National School of development at Peking University Professor Song Guoqing said recently that high return on investment and even violent era may be gone forever, 3% and 4% return on investment in the future is considered a good level.

compared with yields on bank financing, the IMF has an advantage on average. Compared with traditional banking, money market funds, bond funds and other products with significant Lite advantages, in particular the International Monetary Fund, its high degree of safety, liquidity, and earnings far exceeding current and other characteristics, was recognized as the best tool for cash management.

in recent years, with the rise of Internet financial services, penghua Fund money in product design, injecting fresh vitality, Peng Hua Tian Li Po as an example, the product with the Everbright direct bank "Sun Bao" exclusive butt, cash management tools based on the guarantee investors varied and convenient transactions.

for the current market environment, penghua Fund believes that current monetary conditions might have been more lenient, but poor transmission path to the real economy, in the future need to increase fiscal support, to improve local government and corporate debt pressures, revive domestic investment demand. From the perspective of money Fund investments, under the guidance of the Central Bank's policy, money market rates tend to decline as a whole, on the basis of ensuring security, liquidity, and would strengthen in the second half's focus on short-term credit classes, such as bonds.