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Urban women finance five compulsory

with the development of society, more and more women enter the workforce, have more disposable income and a higher social status. Meanwhile, women's financial dominance in the home is becoming more and more strong.

study shows according to jiafengruide data, 51% married women to the family income in China with centralized management, in the 60%-70% family, consumer power rests in the hands of women. This also means that consumption of Chinese women is gradually becoming a social subject, a "she economy" cyclone blew. However, in "she economy" under the wave, "Moonlite" teams are also growing.

Jiafeng ruide data in the study shows that 65% women 60% of monthly income will be used for consumption, they believe that "money is to spend better". As a result, earn money, but also is hard to escape the "save less money" fate. Then, in the face of such a phenomenon, urban professional women how to deal with it? Well-known third-party financial institution Jiafeng Rhett's advisers believe that, "she economy" era has come, to enjoy life, women must learn about money. When it comes to "financing", most of us will think of "cut" and "cut" what is it? We take a look at.

"about" open source ""

so-called "open source", refers to the increased income. Carlingford Reid financial planner believes that will save money than make money in the process of accumulation of wealth, making money is more important than saving money. Because both in terms of saving money on speed and quantity, effects are more obvious than to save money to make money. So, urban career women the how can I increase revenue?

1, work promotions referred to raise revenue, we first had the idea of nature is what we pay.

in General, in addition to the company's regular salary in addition to us what methods allow companies to our promotions for a raise? Jiafeng Reid financial planner believes that employees are able to get the company's trust and promoted, mainly because individuals ability to work and mannered styles are more superior. If you want to achieve the goals of promotion and pay rise must be from these two aspects. For example, take part in outside of work and skills training courses to improve their ability to work, participate in some Office party to close the feelings, etc.

2, work, to do some part-time jobs in his spare time, but must be willing to spend and invest their own (skills training), you should understand how to earn some "extra money" to increase their personal income. If the work is not particularly stressful situations, it is recommended to do some interesting part-time jobs, for example, Rans, tutoring, online fiction writers, and so on.

3, points out on his savings investments do not think how much investment "on the big" thing heard Rush said he would not. If you want, you can also profit from the investment, because in this world, all investments are not necessarily as stock highly unpredictable, for example, fixed-income products, enables hedge funds and benefit, so why not?

and, to say the truth, now on the market a stock person, who truly how and how many? Mostly by luck.

"about" cutting ""

so-called "throttle", referring to the savings. Over the years, Carlingford Rada money managers think so, in the process of accumulation of wealth, as opposed to money, money plays only a supporting role. However, this is not to say that "money" is not important. "Save money" amount of wealth accumulation is slower, smaller, but as long as the stick, believe that bit by bit, becomes not a small fortune.

so, urban women how they can better "save money"?

1, to the consumer, but a controlled Richwood Swiss financial planner believes that life without consuming. With the development of society, people for food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medical and other needs of five more, spend more and more money in these areas. Then, in the face of these consumer needs, what should we do? Financial Planner believes that consumption is inevitable, but our consumption activities to be temperate, the money spent on flowers, hadn't spent the money must not be spent. For example, must not be promotion and impulse buying unnecessary things.

2, know how to spend money, and also know how to save money on saving money, but need to know "shouldn't spend the money cannot be spent", you need to understand the "spend money to save flower," the truth. Simply put, if you need to buy something, but you find buy online store is much more affordable than in the entity,

so whichever way you choose to buy?

obviously, the smart player will choose to buy online to save money. In life, there are a lot of things are our necessities, are out of our cost savings for these things, we want to know what "shop around" to a more affordable price. With the arrival of women's economic, more and more consumer goods flooding the market caters to women, Carlingford Reid financial planner reminders below in this atmosphere, urban women should be rational to keep themselves from becoming "paycheck".