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Private light three in the Dodge fell October run lose big

Private light three in the Dodge fell October run lose big

private equity has always been considered quick ship small good turn. Data shows that total 871 stocks held by the private-equity in the third quarter, down 440 from the second quarter, lighten up significantly. With private September overall position is low, in part to avoid the risk of market declines, beat the market as a whole.  But light warehouse is a double-edged sword, reporter for the daily news noted that a rally in October a-share market, the private is difficult to immediately reverse positions light situation, thus affecting the overall revenue, leading to overall performance of private run lose big.

Wang yawei, Wang ru far align lighten up in the third quarter

ended October 31, 2,780 companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges issued three full disclosure is completed. According to banking statistics on private holdings had a market capitalisation of 164.56 billion yuan in the third quarter, which shrank in the second quarter of 55.06%; a total of 871 stocks being held by private institutions, representing a decrease of 440 in the second quarter. In the context of a stock decline in the third quarter, private-sell as a whole is obvious.  

data show that private "sister" Wang Ruyuan transferred larger warehouse, most frequently Exchange, its macro-flow investments in new 5 a share in the third quarter, raising their holdings of 1 unit, but compared to the heavily invested in 11 stocks levels generally lighten up.  

worth note of is, in three quarter only has Hong Keung electronic a only heavy warehouse unit appeared in Ze Hee investment holding list in the, report period within holding number not variable, still for 10.31 million unit, ranked Hong Keung electronic third big circulation unit shareholders; and poly investment in three quarterly in the displayed is has new into a unit, but compared in the reported heavy warehouse of 10 only a unit,, three quarterly only holds 4 only a unit, General Shang in lighten up.

in addition, Chen Feng exhibition arm of investment only in the third quarter before entering a stock list of top ten shareholders, only one unit is Rui Jin 2 Bo Kang Yue of the investment in the third quarter of new technology. The daily economic news reporter noted, zhanbo in the reported number of shares up to 25, zhanbo investments sell most of the third quarter.  Sell larger also have a well-known private starrock investment, the private holding stocks in the third quarter, 16 but timekeeping positions as many as 29.

"elder brother" Wang yawei, whether before the public offering is now private, his holdings are many investors Chase and the object of study. According to Wang yawei thousand under the new stocks in the third quarter, including a joint venture in *ST Lu, Xiamen gaoqi international airport, Shenzhen and Shanghai sanmao textiles a, compared to the second quarter, he continues to adhere to *ST xiali and red power. Among them, into the corner of the *ST Lu Wang yawei again in favor, surprisingly.  As of October 30, Wang yawei were top-ten shareholders number of shares for 17, half the year his stocks for 24, also sell.

Miss October rebound run lost market

. private three quarter rendering overall lighten up trend, but daily economic news Securities Department reporter note to, October CSI 300 index rose 10.34%, "thaw wisdom • China hedge fund index" is only rose 4.74%; and September Shi, data displayed, 2,585 only stock strategy products average fell 1.43%, run win CSI 300 index of-4.86%.  That beat the market as a whole after the September private-lighten up, October run to lose the market.

there is no doubt that any policies are difficult to complete. The industry believes that, under unclear private equity funds in September, the market tendency, lighter overall positions, thus to a certain extent, to avoid the risk, beat the market as a whole.  But in October the rapid rebound in the a-share market, the private-equity position less difficult to immediately reverse, thus affecting the overall income of the private, leading to overall performance losing market race.

support CR Trust report. Reported, in October the platform 164 private equity fund with an average yield of 5.45%, weaker than that of the CSI 300 index over the same period rose to 10.34% performance.  From the perspective of short-term performance, due to the lower positions in the early, which private equity fund performance in October far broader market indices.

former insiders told reporters October shares is typical of stocks leading the market, Shanghai Stock 50 index is only up 7.7% about Prev up 10% and gem rose 19%. State reform, lithium battery doubling plate there is a rise in stocks. This shows that the October market structure is very clear, if the light market, heavy stock, active market operations, can get better returns. Measured data can be pushed, this round of stock market, high profit private mainly early quilt cover, could not move private, their performance in the rally increased rapidly, followed by heavily betting on short-term trading in private.  Sharp falls before a more private experience, positions are generally lower.

it is interesting, in October, the performance's 10 fastest-growing private-only product performance increase for the month were 40%, but these are only two products worth over 1.4. This means that the rapid growth of many products or from a warehouse to let go after a stroke, or from the quilt of passive income. In the context of market declines, many private-equity firms say "pressure Alexander", so can withstand pressure, rebound keen grasp, it is not easy.