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Crash Alchemy private "up resilience" is a true hero

Crash Alchemy private

with the goal of absolute returns for private equity funds, "stock market crash" is the best litmus test.  Is not afraid of fire hero, still talk of a bear, a tragic collapse of a share in the second quarter, makes them distinct.

many private equity funds in this round of the "stock market crash" in the dust.  From buy Research Center data show that until the end of October, up to 1292 private equity product by liquidation, 5% per cent of total number of statistical products, including preferences and leverage structured products were the hardest hit.

Meanwhile, a handful of private equity products, by virtue of a strict risk control and retreat rarely, but surged in the rebound in the net, become the most shining a bright shock city.  WIND data shows that until last Friday, included in the statistics of tens of thousands of private equity products so far this year, there were 183 products to achieve a net worth doubled, to Mr. CUI Jun run win Buffett potential phase 1, for example, yields as high as 477% until the end of October this year, the highest in the like number one.  

show actual combat strength

with the public pursuit of different relative ranking, private-equity firms "name" entirely real performance gain, the fierce competition between the private equity, but also genuine strengths to shine.

in this round of the "stock market crash", even without winding up, a lot of private equity funds also suffered huge losses. WIND statistics showed that as of November 4, total return 6,355 private product yields this year is negative, of which 403 products yield growth over 30%, 82 return of negative growth of more than 50%.  Thus, from this "stock market crash" in the escape, and gets the absolute returns is not easy.

based on WIND data, Mr. CUI Jun at the helm of a winning Buffett potential phase 1, to late October this year yields 477%, ranked first among the similar products, in brokerage Fund Manager performance topped the list.  Noteworthy is that only the "stock market crash" period of risk control is concerned, Mr. CUI Jun runs WINS, 9th in retreat in the second quarter as a whole only 9% in addition, Mr. CUI Jun management of most potential hedge fund billionaire series over more than 50 other products in the "stock market crash" after the record high net worth.

also showing strength are rookies in the private equity industry, Leng Ruiheng He Shuyuan of ice. Pursuit of steady investment returns, he decisively cut off position before this fall, easily avoiding the shock waves of the market crash, and in the "stock market crash" continues to bring in huge returns for its investors. Based on WIND data, in November, He Shuyuan runs cold, 1, yields of 55.5% this year.  Since the last quarter of the year to the third quarter, cold 1 92.6% of the yields, in all equity strategies in such private Sun products in the top 50 outstanding performance.

it will be "cow way"

, "stock market crash" after the shares began reconstruction work. The strong performance of the market in the near future, implicitly showing Bull Mira.  In this regard, a number of private equity funds have pointed out that the a-share market rates will probably step up, the middle or the many twists and turns, but "slow cow" pattern established.

with 13 years of financial experience with solid theoretical knowledge and practical abilities of the system He Shuyuan, following a "trend-oriented, safe and sustainable profitable" investment principles. In his view, a new round of market reboot need to be ready for a long time, the market will enter a cycle of longer fluctuated, run patterns can be complex, and will be repeated under the broken, broken. "Continue to give investors hope and then disappoint investors, is typical of a bear market trend. So don't expect too much on the market, the only thing to do is under the prerequisite of ensuring the safety of, gets a reasonable return on investment, to live forever in the market.  "He Shuyuan said.

Mr. CUI Jun said the index fully after adjustment, reduce market valuations as a whole, continued to rise in the future of space is open, overlooking the 7,500 points. GDP associated with the stock market from overseas, when it was the biggest bull market, the stock market is likely to reach GDP of about 1.5 times, but after the plunge, stocks near the market share of the GDP approximately 0.5 times, buying undervalued stocks is more secure investments.