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Private equity: future hot spots are still growth stocks

Private equity: future hot spots are still growth stocks

after 3,600 points on the Shanghai composite index stood, because company valuations are considerable repair, rose pattern could not last, stocks will find differentiation. Some private interviewed believe that inherent capacity for growth based on industry boom or next trend differentiation of main.  Market focus in the future will focus on growth stocks.

from the perspective of three quarterly reports of listed companies, new industries and traditional industries show a pair of "ice fire" scene. Three quarterly reports show, including traditional industry decline of shocking, part of the resources. China's oil has been called "the most profitable company in Asia", the latest three quarterly results came up 68% down and petrochemical sectors more than three per cent 90% per cent quarterly performance, iron and steel, coal, cement and other traditional industry decline in third-quarter net profit before larger, and has so far seen no signs of recovery at the end of it.  In iron and steel industry, for example, there are 16 steel companies disclosed the 2015 annual report announcements, of which 11 are for "first loss", which is currently broken net companies are dominated by iron and steel.

contrasts with the traditional industry is that rapid growth in some emerging industry performance for a number of seasons.  Internet media stocks rose in the third quarter of this year were 90%, 152%, and 87%; environmental engineering and service sector three quarterly performance this year rose 62%, continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth since last quarter; communications equipment sector three quarterly performance this year grew by 98%, since the last 4 quarters to sustain high boom.

private institutions Ou Ruibo, Chairman Wu Weizhi said the cyclical industry business conditions remain difficult downturn, terrible spectacle of this year's annual report could be worse than market expectations. Traditional clothing, retail and consumer industry, also halted growth or even decline in the past have never seen. "But issues such as environmental protection, new energy automobile industry chain enterprises, cultural information new consumption, revenue and profit growth is very rapid. Industry colleagues further research on the specific circumstances of the enterprise, found some of the leading enterprise core competitiveness of this number of orders in hand, more than half a year already reflected the rapid growth of. It is easy to imagine, the performance of many enterprises in the industry this year will far exceed market expectations. "

Wu Weizhi said," is experiencing numerous changeover of traditional industries and emerging industries, United States only grow to today's United States. With historical perspective, what we see today is nothing more than a common traditional industries and emerging industries in the changeover process, don't panic. For professional asset management professionals, we should be thinking about is how to adapt to the change, and say goodbye to tradition, embrace a younger generation, and walk hand in hand.  "

statistics show that since 2013, about 40 shares soared 10 times, such as oriental fortune has risen 35 times, network technology has risen 16 times, dropped development of the times, meet the actual demands, continuous inherent capacity for growth is creating the main cause of the cattle unit, sending its shares soaring performance exceeded expectations are accompanied by continuing the process.

Shen Wan Hongyuan strategist Wang Sheng believes that markets will return to growth soon main investor ideas and catalysts that can reduce risk premiums have turned in the direction of the new economy, "cycle set the" shorter, "growing up in an opera" main line more clearly. The market will return to growth more quickly the main line.