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Private equity thinks a stock shocks do not change the upward trend some active position

Private equity thinks a stock shocks do not change the upward trend some active position

recently, the stock market showed a trend of shock rebound, the main index rebound gradually, sweeping away whole decadent trend of the third quarter.  Meanwhile, some very active stocks, share prices even hit a record high, as market focus.  

private equity in the community that the market was gradually returning to normal, IPO restart on the limited market impact, after experiencing short-term consolidation, the a-share market medium shocks do not change the upward trend.

IPO restart limited impact after the IPO resumption news landed, markets were flat this week, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rebound continues. Many industry insiders believe, the management chose at this time ordered the reopening of IPO, means that the market has been gradually returning to normal state, which is one of the signs of stabilisation in the market.  Meanwhile, the incremental capital market signs normalized market entry, market turnover is expected to continuously, gradually to the good mood.

starrock investment General Manager Yang Ling said, the recent market rebound, rising stocks basic channel, restart IPO market also has certain expectations, so restarting the IPO is not exceeded expectations.  Yang Ling believes that after the Central Bank reduced interest rate cuts several times, abundant liquidity in the market, about IPO restart markets has the ability of digestion in addition, restart IPO is finally a negative ground, before stock market experienced a devaluation of the deleveraging, Renminbi, conducted two rounds of adjustment now is bad.

Hsu-Cheng said Chen Yun, assets, this restart is not bad strikes again. Advances to the abolition of placement to issue new shares to market, market considers that from now on no longer have to fear for dozens of new stock offerings at a time when the great amount of the blood effects, placements will be made to market the secondary market circulation of chips into the true meaning of popular and necessities. "If the new share-issuing system reform implemented, registration system for the future introduction of markets not to bad treatment, this reform is fundamentally changing the attitude in the market, also improved market sentiment. "

some private-initiative position

in the eyes of private persons, no apparent negative on the current, plenty of liquidity, market swings upward trend remains unchanged in the long run.  It is understood that the recent rebound is more violent, many private equity funds on future trend and growth of the industry's expected optimistic, many private-equity position has been added to more than 60% than position has significantly improved in the third quarter.

Philippe guelluy assets CIO Deng Xiaofeng believes that plenty of liquidity, lower return on assets is currently the biggest characteristic. As the Bank high yield assets in an asset pool continues due, was forced to replace lower-yielding assets, banking earnings in the future will be a steady decline curve, shortage of asset allocation is obvious.  Recent market appeared again last November in a similar situation, this is money-driven market and sufficient assets liquidity means the market has a chance.

from the sector, many opportunities for private persons are authorized plates fill up. Kaishi investments, intermediate rally continues, blue chips will continue strong fill up, growth stocks will remain high and volatile, Board blue chip round action fill up more space, focusing on late gains for the year. Meanwhile, investment opportunities in mining areas of policy support, such as the reform of State-owned enterprises, such as energy saving and environmental protection, child.