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October markets futures rebound in private performance overall

October markets futures rebound in private performance overall

October a-share market is gradually warmed up, the future private equity products overall pick-up in earnings than in September.

data show that as of October 30, 2015, network data center futures funding included 552 products (including fund account, record information management funds, futures, etc), statistics of private equity has a sustained track record of futures products amounted to 274, and for October added 46 new fund products.  274 future private equity products, products of October proceeds are to achieve a total of 154, 56.41%; 0.3% the overall average yield (September-0.4%).

October's monthly average revenue shows that strategies product performance is superior to quantitative strategy products.  In 273 sustained performance of futures in private equity products, quantitative trading strategies products 177, 64.84% per cent, average yield this month 0.06% (September-0.88%); strategies products a total of 97, 35.53% per cent, average yield this month 0.75% (September 0.37%).

specifically, the October futures top private equity products is "Chang Ran hongkai 1th", October earnings 35.56%. "Chaotic value first" 2nd October ushered in a rebound in the market, "chaotic value first" one-month yields 23.54%. Worth noting is that since June, its variety of products all suffered varying degrees of chaos retreats. Market rationalized process, net product pick-up "chaotic second value" in October also received a monthly income of 7.69%.