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Private to speed up the layout at the end of the new ban

Private to speed up the layout at the end of the new ban

near the end, because the market for new Board policy is expected to strengthen, some private equity firms secretly speed up layout.  Some private view, ban again, new layout, good point, quite a good company in a good investment area.

near the end, the market for new Board policy expected more positive, some private-equity firms think, ban again, new layout, good point, many good companies into better investment areas, for which they secretly speed up the running projects and investments.  In fact, private investment in new three business process, not only bring capital and bring more added value, but also changed their development path.

+ low price policy is expected

private to speed up layout of the new ban

near the end of the market policy for the new ban is expected to strengthen, reporters learned that some private equity firms are "secretly" accelerating the layout and timing.

Beijing Ding ronghui edging, Chairman of capital running twenty or thirty projects in the near future, identified five or six and is now busy raising money, "tiered system will soon be introduced, we pick a few high quality, with the top potential, advanced layout. "

relaxation, after layering the most direct impact is the top-level transaction becomes active, turnover and earnings will go up," we will scale according to income, profit and other criteria, screening companies, advance into their increase, now accelerate. "

Meanwhile, he is also actively involved in some of the enterprise to be listed, because the market has driven effect, as long as the top active, lower, and good businesses emerge.  

apart from strong policy will increase price cheaper private-layout of the grounds.

"We recently ran the project because a share after the collapse, the primary market lags behind the secondary market for several months, now experiencing capital during the winter, followed by accelerated in December, would see some good projects.  "The Manager of a medium sized private investment by the new Board, told reporters in Shanghai.  

but, he said, it is still too much, and too little, because it feels good company, it is a bit expensive, need to wait for December last fall before buying.  

General Manager of a private institution in East China were of the view that tiered system may not be as fast, but there are some good companies have already invested into better areas, in the case of economic downturn and financing difficulties, will be increasing the price would fall.

new three year with growing

private development investment banking business

over the last four quarters, ban started hot, new private investment, a year, the market in anticipation of yet another flash point.  For private, but, as long-term investors, and new Board company grow together, affected them deeply.

former Shanghai private equity managers believe that private enterprise is the most direct and reasonable pricing, then the financial regulatory and governance proposals, there is preparation, lateral connection of resources and raw materials. "We are going to vote in the Office of Secretary of the Board of the company training courses, or help them find a Director of sales and marketing, investment work of many. "

the Manager had to do secondary market investments, after entering the new ban, feeling deeply is that through the tune, repeated exposure to enterprise, the business model of grasp and depth on the industrial chain stepped up," this market experience to guide the secondary market investments, benefits are complementary. "

edging also told reporters that the new Board is different from traditional PE investment only begin of the work, only 30%, more work after the vote," good corporate money, more willing to select the institution that can help them to grow, such as helping enterprises to improve management, understand the rules of the capital market, as well as the formulation of development strategies. "

before edging in business finance, more clearly what businesses need. New ban when he provides capital outsourcing services for enterprises, specifically looking for excellent protection to the Corporate Secretary of the Board, provide meticulous management services, analyze industry trends, development planning, seeking mergers, industry consolidation.  Meanwhile, use of investment resources, project docking between, like consumer goods companies and marketing companies and docking.

edging believes that after the investment management business of great significance, not only changes the views and ideas of the enterprises, help enterprises to standardize management, bigger and stronger, and for private-equity itself is also a great "is actually kind of investment banking business, as companies grow, private equity will also become strong, private-equity firms could go after the same development path. "