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Decrypt big private-equity firms in the third quarter bottom line: stick to medicine offensive boards

Decrypt big private-equity firms in the third quarter bottom line: stick to medicine offensive boards

a share in the third quarter into a "moment of fear" fear in public at the same time, as major institutional investors, private equity bosses "bottom" which stocks?  

along with the quarterly disclosure of ends, private holdings to light, we found that the number of private-equity firms in the third quarter were the first to enter "bottom".  

How to follow the well-known private and find a share investment opportunities after the big bang?

first financial fiscal business November 5 launched 44th period investors reference three quarter big private ten potential unit, fiscal business research team combs out can precise to specific voted Gu of 200 only three quarter private heavy warehouse unit, from, we featured out 4 Zhang form, including three quarter private new into stock, and three quarter private holdings stock, and three quarter private hold mission stock and three quarter private exit stock, and combined Sun private of operation style and a unit fundamentals, and technology surface performance for selection,  Detailed interpretation of the 10 remained a concern of the present private-equity firms heavily invested in stocks.  

private three quarter big for warehouse, new buy 116 unit

according to first financial fiscal business database, this times statistics of private heavy warehouse unit total 200 only, involved of private home number over 60 home, which famous of private big guy including Santa Claus Zhao Danyang,, and thousand joint venture this Wang yawei, and et investment Qiu Guogen, and freshwater springs Zhao, and Wudang assets Tian ronghua, and Hung Road investment Sun Jiandong,, and successive private champion including Guangdong new value, and create potential Cheung investment, and Spike rich investment,.  

data showed private new buys shares of a total of 116 in the third quarter, in which the GEM stocks, 15 junior stock, 33 boards accounted for more than half of the company, we can see that in the third quarter, private equity bosses were more likely on the bottom boards, blue-chip companies, and the gem is more evasive attitude.  

from the industry point of view, more private buying new shares in the second quarter are in chemicals, machinery and equipment and on industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, which is also reflected in the second quarter of private defense layout ideas.  

statistics show that 116 stocks average decline in the third quarter was 29.66%, since October have risen by an average 30.5%.

among them, 17 private new shares since October, rose in the third quarter to 50%.  Private Wo long bridge Hong Kong in the third quarter the new buying information (603918.SH) since October has risen to 81.58%, this group of private new stocks in the best-performing stocks.  

in addition, James investment stocks of Lingnan gardens (002717.SZ) and the new instrument value stocks of South China, Guangdong (300417.SZ) 80.29% and 77.27% per cent respectively since October, private bottom in the third quarter, "a masterpiece."  

adhere to pharmaceutical stocks,

several well-known private equity firms hold together for warmth

in the upheaval in the market in the third quarter, still has a number of stocks to secure private-equity barons to remain.

in the third quarter of the year, a total of 36 stocks gained as private holdings.  Difference is that in the third quarter of the year, increase private-many of them big private-equity firms, including joint ventures Wang yawei, Ethernet direct investment Zhao Sun Jiandong, freshwater springs, and explains the process way down in the market, these private which is heavily invested in the stock have enough confidence, only to be further opening in the fall.  

Meanwhile, increase their stake in this instalment, particularly large pharmaceutical stocks accounted for more than, like fosun Pharma (600196.SH) won the holdings of freshwater springs, three Nobel bio (300298.SZ) won the Bo dy asset holdings, Yunnan baiyao (000538.SZ) won the chongyang investment holdings, and so on, we can see that when private-equity firms in the third quarter for pharmaceutical stocks particularly favored.

in addition, according to the statistics of the financial and private equity holdings in the current period, 11 stocks obtain private arms buying, the number greatly reduced than in the past.  These 11 stocks in the third quarter fell by an average of 20.65% since October have risen by an average of 13.49%.

different from institutional investors such as mutual funds, large private Sun, investment style, investment is relatively independent to each other and, therefore, private stocks in general are the result of the private independent research.  However, for some stocks, at some stage there may be 2 or more private mutual presence, these private-equity style or similar, or different, but at the same stage together heavily invested in one stock, the stock value soared.

among them, Hua chemical (600309.SH) is a freshwater spring in the meantime in the third quarter and the innocence of the two major private-"phase". Private freshwater springs raise its stake in 6.4 million shares owned by Zhao, Zhao Danyang, while its heart is the new layout of the stock, the newly bought 19.88 million shares.  Wanhua chemical down 34.04% in the third quarter, and since October has risen to 19.18%.

in addition, the private-equity owned by big Sun Jiandong Ethernet direct investment stocks in Bohai piston (600960.SH) in the third quarter also attracted Liu Mingda approaching bottom, Liu Mingda informed of its investment in two new products in the third quarter into buying the piston in the Bohai Sea, Ethernet direct to the unit to increase its investments in the third quarter. The unit since October, rose 21.25%, currently at the suspension stage.