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Deep interest "spell" gold on the six-year low

Deep interest

while the dollar weakened again, recent weeks, international gold prices continue downtrend, near six-year low, in the view of the industry, as the Fed raised interest rates the process near the gold market set interest rates a "spell", the gold market or hard in front of the policies set out "a decent rebound." 

the 13th close, New York gold futures for December delivery closed at $ 1080.9 per ounce, down 0.63% in the last week, despite the decline narrowed compared with the previous week, but fell for four consecutive weeks of performances, the gold market's weakness show.  

affected domestic precious metal prices also continued to fall, gold futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange's most actively traded December contract back near 223 Yuan per gram, down almost 2% from the week before, mainly just gold gold jewelry on the spot market price has fallen to around 280 Yuan per gram.

in the view of industry analysts, as market expectations have increased for Fed rate hike by the end of may, almost into gold bullion market interest rate expectations only "masters". "Interest rate expectations in the gradual strengthening of the precious metals market weakening, after the Fed's October monetary policy settled before recent investor focus back to economic data.  "Chaos days futures Sun yonggang, an analyst said.

However, in the view of some analysts, and investors want from economic data for signs of whether interest rates present a different, more recent gold market investors are hoping to find clues from economic data to validate a rate hike by the end of this conclusion. "So in the gold market, even if the economic data released may have temporarily easing interest rate expectations, but investors remain cautious.  "To people in the industry.

"the gold market ' interest-phobia '.  "In a number of institutional analysis, market expectations for the Federal Reserve may start raising interest rates at the end of a strong, policy" boots "before the settled, expect the gold market may be difficult to reproduce a sharp rally.

Shanghai China analyst Li Ning believes that fed interest rate expectations is still suppressing the primary factor for the precious metals market. Actually gold ETF Fund outflows are continuing to sell.  Statistics show that the 13th, the world's largest holdings in the SPDR gold ETF funds to 661.9 tonnes since November, the Fund's cumulative reduction of more than 30 tons of gold, showing investors ' strong bearish in recent gold market.

in addition, on the peripheral markets, sharp falls in oil prices is also considered a drag on commodities (4374.78,-11.870,-0.27%) a great factor in the overall performance of the market.  Inventories continue to accumulate, New York oil prices back near $ 40 a barrel in the last week, fell within a week to nearly 9%, the biggest weekly decline since 8 months, dragging down tracks include crude oil, gold and other commodities, CRB composite price index is refreshed 2011 fell to their lowest level.

"for the gold market, and investors waited for interest rate policy of the current floor, and include physical demand is still increasing, and the like, ' good news ' more simply appear to briefly slow the speed of the fall. "Investments by the industry experts believe that the current market environment, even though the price of gold back to the low, investors should avoid rush into the market, a bottom Fisher still need to be cautious.