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IPO restart normal private market waiting to do more active

IPO restart normal private market waiting to do more active

number of private persons, due to low valuations, earnings growth, stock brokerage needs fill up, become the preferred admission is incremental funding; the next will wait, do more actively.

brokerages and other blue-chip Rally last week, led index merchant breakthrough.  Chinese reporter interviews a number of private persons, due to low valuations, earnings growth, stock brokerage needs fill up, become the preferred admission is incremental funding; the next will wait, positive long SFC restart IPO, declaring the market returned to normal, the current support at the bottom of the market, up space.  

securities market logical

gem or came to an end

last week, stocks rose 6.13%, almost 3,600, brokerage firms, financial stocks, and many private people "don't understand".

"in early October, we added to the warehouse, finished almost withdrew after the rally, now only four or five positions, because we believe that there will be no big, but to do it low and sell high. But the two days gained really don't want to know.  "A robust laments, Director of big private-equity style in Beijing.

Beijing private equity bosses, who asked not to be named, said last week "get" to this wave of brokerage shares prices because brokerage have fallen ill, no rebound in the early, went ahead and bought one. "Seen from the side, to reduce warehouse and not, therefore, must be incremental funding approach to buy brokerage unit, but did not want to understand why all of a sudden there is an increase of funds coming in.  "

but there are also private," latent "stock brokerage, brokerage stocks have logic.

Shenzhen Han Li junru, equity research director, said the "double flat" after promising the investment value of stock brokerage. Now the shortage of global asset allocation, substantial funds will seek out high quality assets in the market.

for now, the gem near future valuation bubble, traditional industries while cheaper valuations, but the fundamentals are so poor, only the brokerage combines fundamentals and valuations double advantage.  Brokerage business this year in all more than 30 more of the industry's fastest growing segments, this year's gains came in last place in all industries, there is strong demand for supplement and the configuration value.

Li junru, believes that most of the institutional brokerage unit configuration before less now come to see its value, will naturally increase the configuration, back up space is relatively large, "brokerage is not a decaying industry, unlike traditional cyclical stocks such as steel and cement, have in essence, and reasonable p/e ratio should be about 20 times and times of the brokerage unit. "

despite last week's gem rose up to 7.39%, but more than one private told reporters that money speculation in the stock theme, the theme will come to an end, little gem room.  

Shenzhen medium private equity Director, gem after rising for more than a month, and close to 100 times times current earnings, larger short-term valuation bubble, there are more callback, preparing for next year's market, 1 month is a SSE 50 stock market in the future.  

a midsize private managers in Beijing believe that gem will be structured opportunities for good stocks still have a chance.

incremental funding admission

private actively do more

reporters understand that recent private-equity positions generally below 50%, the "up-sell, fell down some dare to buy" principle, by band, slowly accumulated earnings.  Private equity generally agreed that the market is unlikely to fall, rising these days, or be able to reverse the trend, incremental funding is expected to enter.

"rose on Monday, bears are also issued. Deep down reason in the market, but rising makes sense, because the logic of liquidity and interest rates unchanged.  "Former private-equity bosses in Beijing said, after the surge, to leverage, stocks returned to the starting position of the year, incremental funding to two days ago, could reverse the market trend, markets rose modestly.

but he believes that after the economy continues downward, could usher in a real inflection point is key, "only the inflection point, the stock market is supported."  

he was optimistic about the information industry, new energy, environmental protection, military and so on.

John assets Li junru said that by November and December, growth stocks and small adjustment will face pressure, when blue chips and some had staged an opportunity, they will slowly into small stocks overvalued blue chip. "The SFC on Friday said it would restart the IPO, will put pressure on the small-capitalization stocks also, concepts, themes will ebb, but brokers have a direct benefit. Rate, it is probably the end of blue-chip market, proactive investment has gone into, behind the incremental funding will be more.  "

there are private that, although early support at the bottom, but still need correction to continue upwards, to attract funds into the market.

a large private-equity General Manager, told reporters in Beijing last week, stock indexes staged a final anti-smoking and turned away from, they participate in the blue-chip market in part to profit. "To make substantial adjustments in the market this week, but will not penetrate the bottom in the early, we intend to approach after the callback. Future index fluctuated, could rise to 3600~3700 points, raised market will attract incremental funding. "

Beijing General Manager Li 崟 source an asset view that currently has the market volume, indicating incremental funds into, the market's going up and down, but the trend is upward.


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